Typical Vertical Misrepresentation as a Depiction of the Dada Baargeld

_____________________________________Johannes BaargeldGerman, 1892–1927Ordinäre Klitterung: Kubischer Transvestit vor einem vermeintlichen Scheideweg (Vulgar Mess: Cubistic Transvestite at an Alleged _________________________

GEORGE GROSZ (1893-1959) and JOHN HEARTFIELD (1891-1968)
'Life and Work in Universal City, 12:05 Noon', 1919 (photomontage


"Everybody can Dada"
—Dada-Fair, Berlin, poster, 1919

George Grosz (1893-1959) and John Heartfield (1891-1968) - 'Life and Work in Universal City, 12:05 Noon', 1919 (photomontage)ada ‘nonsense’ is packed full of meaning, and for all that Dada represents rupture and discontinuity[,] the movement has a complex, oblique relationship with cultural and intellectual history that extends both backwards and forwards. This book has brought to the fore a whole

  traictions and paradoxes which, more than ctive but supound  bites, describe aesthetic, ethical, tual poions thd and meaningful: herent coherence, meainglessness,


Volumes of Chips


 _____________ does that mean all rock an roLL or Pop music is of no value? No it does not mean that.

It's not music that's bad it's what happens to musicans .  Music and Poetry are machines that create spaces and those spaces can be co-opted by the powers that be  the Poets and Musicans can be . One more than the other? In my opinion yes, it

Easier for Musicans to be Co-Opted or Bought because of the nature of the beast, the nature of music.  Does it mean every musican will be co-opted.

No it does not mean this.

Having said, though, let's not have any illusions about the big names, like Lennon and others : they were co-opted and in time the value of their music could lesson because of it.

 there's nothing holy or inherently holy or lasting ever in music of that caliber.

On the other hand, the World Wide Archive the Universal Quantum if you will is so vast and can carry and contain so much there's room even for that, after all it could all be downloaded to the tiniest of microchips.

_________________The teeniest tinest! hahaah

 Whereas Joyce, Shakespeare, Bronte, Dickenson,Cervantes, Homer, Sappho and others,  Proust and others Woolf,   would require

    Volumes of chips  Volumes of Chips 

  Volumes of chips  Volumes of Chips

  Volumes of chips  Volumes of Chips  Volumes of chips  Volumes of Chips

Volumes of chips   Chips Voluminous


_: Blasphemer BLake and Comment And Why Dada is more Important than Rock and roll fantasies and etc the etceera of rock an roll....

Blasphemer BLake and Comment And Why Dada is more Important than Rock and roll fantasies and etc the etceera of rock an roll....

C.P.  Are you using tumblr now ? is this what it's coming to? C.D.  (getting up and as he's about to turn the tape recorder off C.P. jumps out of her chair and rushing  to the other side of the room they are sitting in and turns her phone recorder on___ She's now got two copies of anything he says.) C.D.  Why  did you do that I wasn't going to turn off the machine. ...You asked me about tumblr and no I don't use it directly...  I think it's the least  useful of blog type of publishing ... it's not quite as far down the scale as rock and roll, you know, guitars, bass, drums, all of that trash, that's used so well by the capitalist machinery ... to run people's lives, selling them back their own blues, their own shit, feeding their group fantasies of love and hate, not giving them a moment to breath,... never any thinking involved and this goes for the greatest as well as the least, in fact, you could say, the most articulate are the worst, as one can imagine they might know better,.. when you think of idiots like John Lennon and his working class hero pretensions, he dying worth a  billion dollars or close to it, and the propery he owned and the rest of it, the cows, t he furs , the special apartmen t for the furs,   it's really an example f the shameful spectale the lack of self respect to imagine this person as being a political consciience or voice, at least with that  other Yodler Dylan he never claimed to represent anything and indeed, he does not and so one can dismiss, him REally Rock an rock , popular music or whateer you want to call is Decadent. and represents the end of things not the rejuvenation, the renewal, it's a paranoid egotisical busiess, run like a racket.  or any form of popular music so called but it's pretty much down there in the gutter ... ________________________________________________________


Blasphemer, 1800 William Blake
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