after maison flake dada, nada she was the blunder of alcoholism and maxine or what became of that night of poetry down the hill?
or Punketariat?

1978 was the rivetted year of


____________________________Then we went back to Paris, listening to the electric
lectures of the strange professor.reading dOris Lessing's 'special' novelsthat weren't novels at all.________________I was learning about Art/ combinations ________

chronicle 1978



debullion street _ readies for No More Fun Punketeraiat show/performance

before this Maison Flake _ 1976 disaster

organ flounder


More coming about this forgotten era! which occurred on the cusp, the moment, a dialectical moment as one might say just prior to the nationalists taking over in Quebec   

 it's quite conceivable these types of movements such as Dada Duffy and Maison Flake, the Punketariat and others __ later like Fouism failed because of this perhaps? __ could only take place before nationalism and for a short while into its existence _- its tenure, as by its very nature Nationalism is against ideas like Dada

         Dada,  the first and oritginal Dada was after all born against war the big stupidities war that was really the Monstrous war of Nationalist the Disease

Isms of all sorts are from , hail from Outer Space and are diseases of the Human spirit,

                   Dada is from Inner space and is the Telephone of Desire  and Desire Machines _____________________________________________________

chronicle 1966

__ day she dressed up like a girl halloween was
walk the street t o high school dance
thats when she met Jean Genet
at dance with hard on in he r skirt, tight fitting
she was

exhaled by her lover
of bold.

lipstick and her crotch swollen
with the.

Was she a drag queen
or drag gender
in her wake
fields and walks of fuck

fuck walk of wake fields her buttocks a song

later in the dadaphones in Cologne she
strech pants wore in giza gallons and mia farrow glasses
her ass was the catch all prize of numerous fighters
and their pillows


Her ass, her ass! she exclaim three times,
dying as she came.
following the street


of that the rent was too paid good
in paris was somber fligh t and geese her Greece lover
over nights when torture cell rang
sipping copy all night
as it

an d

rasped the greek song

her face proud
high the air




of androcles and her molecule was a spare part
not a missive grammar o f denuding sense but her sheep
a leash to hang sphinxes
or a hand on "white" hot stove
she'd never noted

as it wander wayward
her wend of field to bare

in limpid pairs claw gaunter
the saunter

its my handful of down
not your
called to her shelved pixel
as the open tennis tournament made for that continuous poem called dada



rictus victoire was her state.
over becoming endless bumpy & shut up stapes.
Stapes? shoutes her DadaDuffess, shes gathering goon
squads to work her fits, carry her mits.
Some say this does not rhyme, well
doodly squat for them and their boring
repetitive already foreseen forever
heard and known verse. oR versifying
. its not a n interest to her.
As she has left her breast in the bush.
found signifiers and worrisome detalling
best left to pest.
of bog and bireland she was blest
with a built in becomers machine desired
by all xcept the priest facing south.

Was a random Tuesday her only Detroit?





over vitus & victus

shamble fruit ~ not a subect I-eye

Eye_I inthe Oedipus Camera

                                       Not Eye_I inthe Oedipus Camera

[for kathy acker, dead 97, balance-programme for a desiring-machine]

athy acker, dead 97, balance-programme for a desiring-machine]  dont lead yr heavywater death machines killya? will the word speak simple single sinner? shall her blackball high the machine goes on/ hold speak I to I not Eye to You

 Two hundred and ten pounds no way!

Shes got dromotrec:? she holds the meter of speed contracted blues of the bellytobgelly blues break that poetry thing end I I end? I end Ideepuss. Highdeeppussy.
Not a lesbianbaby     ~

Not Eye_I inthe Oedipus Camera

the prediliction

the pre_di liction

diction of teeth besides word dross

ship stave run


of organs and ?




she went for xerox
gestetner knee her kneecap-
over hill & dale


                                         anti  ~.



was ballade

in votive Ciceronian

victorian shelter


was a funny word, she lifted it (up) the page
handling as a hedge



bat's privy


the diction


the squire has her mother, and no one

else, but a dictionary


she g..ot ..

She got a rider rider her cyber
her organ wand

time she is obloverse
and extended her body of into
inlude .

Of this she amble in the cyber field her following her, other. Blogbecome.




you got a rider, Squire?

you got a rider, Squire?

                          you got a rider, Squire?

you got a rider, Squire?



how cld. any

picture a ghost when it wander?

when it present like a smoothing ship
acrOss the lamination of her mouth

her mooring




zip the body without

or some crank of a body on





dada d

dada d
into the hot stuff did cool was patriated exile au cause de ca

not her fault

chronique 2


this blog was destroyed by the enemy


originally invented in 2004


boldy bloggin where blogoverses arE
bodes in space