Mrs Dada

Mrs Dada wound here way fast over. tent. and kite. her mooning eyeball was sworn to Zuglivver. Her head weighe'd a wight cool the clapped airborne thing. She was married tothe fifth chord her church and research calculated fair. She wished her maidenly mother formal suite. her tumtumtoom her boomboombam. this was waking hour to herself. not affliction apart. but her self the rapid sharer her coattail mama boomboom wax.

he was the lover leman her leaf.

O come the dada is the bone worthy pause . like any bearing straight. she's motored arcades to south near and farther galore.


Dada kilts .

dada 's many hIs(t)ories as seen in the eyes of the eyes of of another other scoped by that eye vision

________________ First there was Swiss dada a la Hugo Ball an he ball
Emmy Jennings
and this was the lauded Voltaire cab which we heard so much. of. mebbe two much? Other dadaz was aswell. As in Cologne and Berlin. and this one in Paris wass French. I dont even wish to know there was men before moi tzara says quoting descarts. and tzara had been a philosophy math student but yelling inside his veins
Poesie Latente
et Manifeste
and Poetry as an activity of the spirit.

yet histories are written and are ought to be and become. so one has Many o f dem. Dig. yes I dig with me spade of digging archelogical submarines. as this

which is

Mister Sanouillet's

Michelle Sanouillet was a schol ar and historian of note who wrote the history of Dada _ the book:1965, Dada à Paris, Paris, Jean-Jacques Pauvert
2005, Dada à Paris, new edition, Paris, CNRS Editions

-------------- Elmer Elmer
whose book yaread when ye was a younger lad. Ya laddy. Lady Lad.

Elmer PETERSON, Crisis and the Arts. The History of Dada,
vol. VI, G.K. Hall, 2001.

Elmer says the floowing follows of Mister Sans.

(not religious

Michel Sanouillet's penetrating and prodigious study of Paris Dada opened the gates for all Dada scholars to come. Like Robert Motherwell in this country, he, more than anyone else, made it possible to focus serious attention on what many had superficially considered a noisy but short-lived and minor artistic movement. Drawing on his cordial personal relationships with several of the key Dada figures such as Tristan Tzara, Francis Picabia, Marcel Duchamp, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, and André Breton, and access through them to a great deal of hitherto unpublished material, Michel Sanouillet meticulously recreated and analysed Dada in Paris, its antecedents and its influences in the first of what would prove to be an impressive number of monographs by him on the movement."
Mister Duffy yer own copy of this bk is the original

french edition is it not?


it is

I purchased this

master historian's livre

when I was awandering in the sands

of dadalibraries aboard abroad

(Peterson is himself a fine scholar author of Tristan Tzara Dadaist and Surrationalist)

1965 at the Sorbonne he defended his two State doctoral theses: "Dada à Paris" and "Francis Picabia et 391", thus becoming the first universE!!!
the UNI

O doctors of thesis.!
O thesis auntytheses.
Theses and thatszzzzz

DADA, Tome I (1976) et II (1983):
Réimpression (Tome I) et dossier critique (Tome II) de la la revue publiée de 1917 à 1922 par Tristan Tzara. Présenté par Michel Sanouillet et Dominique Baudoin. Centre du XXe siècle, Nice, France. The Volume II of this edition incorporates Biron's critical notes on Tzara's DADA magazine, published in Zurich, as well as his discovery of dual 1918 French and German editions of DADA 3 (See copy below: Tome II, pp. 30-31).

O the Photocopy image from site site site citation citation cited
here first

"Para que quiero mis pies si tengo alas para volar" Frida Kahlo

------------------------- as dada furnished the means
troubled by its safe place

because dada found its other face its other body snaking across the rooftop approximation its hung roun the beck and tibilation its tribe the god wrangling its throat these bare foot hooded to the mare its rang and rang the bell of its recitation

for adada had to forage its route out the off and leading its body lyric t o its shade self to its other

---------and its sore what the heck

barreled its considerable prestige across time riveting sapping space
its positive

she's found others to be her many selves


some speak of titillation but the dog had to go goddog
places its missive back to back

___________________________ she wore her scarf backward
mouth glazing upward

_____________________ an one
____________________ was this

A 4

dada like love
and fuck
is a four letter word

a fore
a for

a meta


its knotting three letters but
buying packages for the son witch is the only one bloom of the sun
fat package of burning burnished waking

thesis of this lobe is possibly a verse in the hypthesis . notthe step but the bivouac . around your thigh. in the back of your knee. a kiss going there up the inner road around the lightening curl of Venus yer mound a mouth

swallowing my dada
in your mama mouth

against rivers where no leisure lies
but pleasure is the grumpy goo
we tender around the hip sediment of your song