woof woof

MisSa Dada was not a group . Knot that group that. but a group of . other than. its obvious significance. to whirling roun the cosmonaut~ ~


this way you can hold your nose up pod carrier . its dangerous in the air

you think your body is cute but its not half so bad
as the winking sailor's that's kicked your whore around

speaking of changing its revisions plastic feet do the trick

summer __ you're a cheap date or tawdry partner undanceable bane

(bawdry as the bering strait)

(strait is the fate of
elm and polar poplars)

withered by the hour

guarded by the sunset wrapped by the quota buried by the

(her comment is iconic lovers
clunked in the ornate)

boondocks whizzed by prose knackered by cherry-trees

(over the side
over the

a sunset galloped


living room with no itinerant intent to cleave

them'd be

breezy tunes

hefted by walks
merry chase

and every daily geese


after that she speak lover's mouth
south of her grinning
we'd speak its weeping eyes to nothin' doin'
roun the unkempts faculties
you'd hear the cafe

in our room

our room


in the mouth all sorts of things lodge. is that reside? no preside its residual swamp.comfort. of lovers past tense. bodies huddled in quilt. not guilt. or the messy shame many've tried. a dozen and more will go no . weeping as it say. some to this.s undown none ~ come to bear ~ .


them that would be are
are they now?
indeed they was
in~ word forward ~
for_word reward~


and say


say the fa ct that the guy in the picture is moving

and his hair is long and there's nothing else he can do but give up

and the girl's naked and got no clothes and she wants her and he wants her and she wants her and her wants something else

and that's the way it goes when the coo-coo desisting desirs uncoded

go maxi flow maximum no mini-coat maxicoat and the religious ethic's mixed up

with the coded social ethic and

yer socius has a coded background

and her arms are Modigliani but her body is wired strange for admiring other women

and burrowing her head in the sweet taste of woman

and you can't find your plate and the whole has topped stopped and toppled its heat

O Topos of tropos____________

nit to secret age its rain

that was Lawrence striding down the 4th dimensional street

eternity beckoning at his heels

he's a musician who's papa done

outlive d the

death of death the terribilita


Euripides Europe

back then

no you don’t mean a miniskirt with the ass showing or the cleavage clearing or the wasted ruins of capitalist pleasure showing or the exhibitionist delight in her ass hanging and the ipod and the eyephone with the walkie talkie and the 2311 songs downloaded from limewire and the satellite dish hooked to the back of the water bottle and the politically correct out in the open three by four love air affair and the improv course and yoga the yogurt and somewhere

GoGo boots her ass ‘shaking’ blonde dyed superjet white I don’t know how todesribe defrag it hair and hairum and marram and grass is green greener on the other side and this is the holy trinity of your Love Light let it rescind on me on the me that is personal egoic shine Tibetan book of the dead plateau bardo bardo bardo bard a bard in theland of bardo land barred from the bars an d its that plateau shit mate its that plateau shite yer down at the mouth you old lover yer the pentagram next to the hip swinging love making bodies all the day long


comment: this a poem you wrote|

you play horn cello and basoon|

je pense

I think someone will teardrop a shedding eye
when Lawrence fourth person Ferlinghetti passes on
as he 's the oldest of the old of the old poets
and his books and drawings
and them sometime afternoons
and the Braque painting or the twist of the secret wink
in the Andalusian maid
and the editor and
Tyrannosaurus Rex

and his other numerous
achievements and shrewdness all these years
these decades

these cafes
Faciality ~ and what was the hidden visage of ~
Here is an image I fooled around with . Playing with simple things adding taking away.

The face _ it's always elusive _ even when clasped with love .



If Dada Bc Aduffy come around the pearl neclace does that mean she /he are weirs troubled out to sea?

Does the Dada tomorrow mean the mAma today how they worked around the infinite night ~ .

to be a n Arpian
cut the eyes

to become a Sophie (that wordwhich's wisdom)


add slanted buildings?


this was the rag woman notion

Bc got the low-down (and out) on notion ~ its trellis work. wrought steal. or cameo topictura.a democratic carriage of concentric percolation. __; she is haberdydasherdy to its number of trival; sell, out to rink soaking rinse, the structure of choice; the remainder of womb; the sudden of ajectival archival; close to one near arriva[l]. departure not close, or sapience as knowing your near my notion. You got the notion. Not a brob, but abob, agog, so it go. Whence your fortune; cookie. Not guild and build nor bildungsroman.

Word smuggler to here. Hear that notion.Notion peddlar rag bender. So c to d was c.c. to b.c.

the din the din my dear is deafening
yet the noise of her thigh ~

the (e) ke _ y

is to keep working. as play becomes it s name.a s snip snap to repair is erased as the spontaneous osprey shakes her hair. in the harem the bodies wore night as veils. besides vellum what was there? one asks pretending an old answer

olde r
than the question the ancient day of antique

dear heart your gramaphonetic is breaking to the duel of its antiphony silent

as the lure repatriating its love

and the dance and the dance the dance
its the stripled hearing mating its friend careened by french

___________________________ One thinks of the You
predicated to its long squeezed lover her diction pressed tight to her breast
open mouthed to her baby milk
suckled by the dry heat of pride

____________________________________ You wanted to hold this danza?
______________________________________You of all people matched
_____________________________________by the steeple of forgetful hands

helding yours cupped by its run of strength

_______________________________________________ sang genius as the pane____________

didnt you know the
incomplete has always been fair
game to love
open your coffin
letting the turtle out

love your heart a big brained skipping thing
but between your ass your thighs not the marrying kind
as human distress signals milk's been your baby
lifted by the rush of your angry err

does this reckon its melody?
capture its tear
come again
midget to the forest
of barrier
and complete


hush ugly one
keep going
the keel's drifted over your soft
bay your rage
at loving
what can only conclude
with fairness
not weather
say two and four
a bloc
of time
hammered to pressed makings


wasnt it a case of the kettle calling the coal balanced white? or not balconied black?
you see now how working is play hangared over biplanes lifting their silver sovereign feet


a cheap skate_ say this was you

a rubber tube_ this the me supposed
a hose for lady hamlet's thigh

its girth well bred
midnight's flown
come home


I know secrets only you can conceal

_________________________thus the cinnabar collates

_________________________ painting our face with lacquer

___________________________the brush fine as a detailed comb ~
__________________________________ for your lips
these between things
or the other ones crushed by your laminated thighs ~

as lovers do
they do ~

do ~

to T

backto the repair shop Mister Triste non tristeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeback to th e repair
MiSteRR Tttttttt ~

tristan is not trist 'e ~

Tristan and his manias his over other lovers

under tree and table subway and skytrain hovers the gantry
make wheels pinwheel
nose dives by factories and bus terminals


biscuit tins
lover's wraps in forwarded hips __________________

hipping along the buttoning avenue Tzara was not sad

obverse of hill and dale
rumoring the desire of breast in mouth
mothering the thought the calliope

the epic simile of her hip verse smile ass her sex

needing the houred momentous of encounter and hour glass
bubble butt
heart shaped african volute and violet of her memory smile cave

every eros a page to her eyes touch
tristan milk shake and the american pie
not half mast at her thought but blindness
at her desire

forsooth the many in the one
belly baring daring spring of her flesh
tristan remarkables the word unmade in bodies of desire heps the sing the bodies of desire
cries cries the high sign the name of at the hour
second axes of climax

saying william
where are ye?

sk that again
a salad in a handy one

clippin g between each tree many feet.
whispers round
your neck
kisses to your toes for tristan clippin g for trist


how can the word sleep ?
its bear trundling long hard and puffed fisticuff
over the road we went
motorcycle hill

remembering catc
hing baiting

in the _e living roo ~ m

in the living room we fall. kissed by brain cells. our brain to brain over the slippery hip of your thighs.

not this but between islands


inthisbedroom we're alove

what is this about ?


what is this about numbers? or saydada marries mary. or

contrary she find picabia rammed against a wall.a mirror. hammer
ing the

therewere many dada scholar. none as cute. as you. she recall her tiny uncovery a cicatrice wound to fruit its fine.