high vitesse

cette vidéo  qui était comme un highspeed chase
vers en performance! alors   ~ more more more~ magnifique vitesse de
désir _ un peu lettriste phono~speed _ encore beau maniac ~ et

beau désir a tou(t)s Think of Haussman's optophone

et MoiJecris

comme like the delirious delicate
of daily

 are ye knight  & day?

the hold


'old you horses ducky and the solar government of lucid lucifer|keep 

polling the ring.split yer Adam. call eve. Let its spring net and grasp the hollyhock.




Will yer soul ov er turn Psyche ? O Psyche you were the night of closing cupid moon lips. Keep your shovel. What? dada aye aye Captain . She hold it lose to breast. 

Come along huffies. Mare your brown care by her down cheeks. Rested to the lady's black olive eyes.

was a nice day. transient . a harem of rushing ought. 

____________________ Their ancient glittering eyes are gay ~

Lapis Lazuli

 W.B.Yeats ~