la sagesse ne vient pas à la beauté

 la beau
la sagesse ne vient pas à la beau

esagela sag

 la beau

la sagela sagesagela sagesagela sagesagela sagesagela sage

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agesagela sagesagela sagesagela sage

sagesagela sagesagela sagesagela sage


there were  nights
this   one
jewel'd  its merit
knifed  its thieves
harried  its subjects      the preferred one wept
his crying sheet

spurned by the field

hauling over air
its gulf  mist
buried  ocean  see
its spent tear
lambed by the fixed closet
its jesus prayed by
door wombed
she's dictionary her
goose berry
you ve held timber
the fox night
rambler to any rambler
forest to any wooded terrace
not for millionaires

this anti wears her suit gear
trussed to weather
that way Jill gets her comeuppance

_________Gadzooks she sssss  a goodtime gal


an' back

Interloctuer: Some one said you are a doctor now Doctor of something or other
CDuffy: Perhaps that's true of my double Clifford Duffy . People confuse C Duffy with Clifford Duffy who is, yes, a doctor of English Literature.
Inter: Explain! this is folly ~ dont' you know who you are?
CDuffy: Well, I am not Clifford Duffy the creator 28 Blogs with 12 inthe wings! I am a mere person in the virtual world of the real citiing what I write. and at times read. For instance, he's reading  In Defense of Lost Causes!  I would never read such a thing! Never. I can't bear General Zizek and his Lacanian insanity! His Hegelian horsewhip.

Interlecoterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~  pulling her hair out by now~. You are Duffy! i kNow you are I Can tell by your characters~ the smooth butter of their syntax, the love of their sex, the hoist oftheir images, the buoy of their intent ~

CDuffy ~ I think you've come under the spell of  a kind poet who cant help himself and loves all becomings loves all beings. And that ,  is not me  ~
___________To be discontined a Dublin ~

yes me and my truck/we go AlL over/especially in Ireland   ~ on my way to Dublin  over next while in the air~personally i have always been a truck driver'... wrkin' on a post ... winter's here was pwr fairethis morn' begun texting

___________________enemie agents? crass follower? bold boulders? rambling slunkers? come along fellahins? ______

her_ for Car_ women aR e ~2 u 2



air around
potted gruel
crushing fat jouissance around its mouth
she like that when it
spin off her soup
when bounced blue her
bang bang bang
go boom boom boom goo-ga-loo ~

go googoogaloo!


call it one two

indeed Mister S. she 's wishes wash the window
of hee-haw bow-tie salad bowl & chewing bark,
as wisteria or wistful summer ,,
by lake terrace unity not so the univocal 
character of her placid


as abstract as it get
forget the lover's wink
it show time in the bustled-hustled fair

over when fiction friction personafictation
as one two its Mona's peeling visage

of smiling rose

rosed lilac petunia scented hours of vivid"



recent representations as by standed to mirror

secret you stir


First blogged

Some text stand s still some go forth
then back

disappearing  ~ 

Some text st
___________Some text st______


'You' are convinced but not persuaded

'You' are convinced but not pers

are convinced are convinced are convinced

colori della luce


____ Willard ___a becoming-animal not content to proceed by resemblance  --- ___________________________________________________________________________________an irresistible  

     deterritorialization that forestalls attempts            at professional, conjugal, or Oedipal              reterritorialization