~~ Ahm 2 DifferEnt Song





Ahm runnin aroun' in thee snowy naked. C u earliIsh lAtER

----------------------------------------------------------- Print please? Please print?   keep yr nose flat and yr screen hide  as which to see/like see width?

breadth and heigth

a kingdom

yr twistin an turning as its time to go

   n no'one's comin yr way
  where's your gang your girl goo

O but lady P's not been there an
you doant know where shes at  

coming along like this 's maybe breaking your heart
  a nd sure its wastin' time
   the nights you could you could make love make

her lips and yours joinin like a kingdom come 
                              a kingdom come

this winter's come down dumber without her

   and the air's duller
    less nectar without her stars  
her stars
and bridges

some of the dadas in paris, 1922 ~ Dig it dig them

MAN RAY. Photographie de quelques dadas de Paris, 1922.
En haut, de gauche à droite : Bernard FAY, Tristan TZARA, Philippe SOUPAULT, Serge CHARCHOUNE ; En bas : MAN RAY, Paul ÉLUARD, Jacques RIGAUT, Céline ARNAULD, Georges RIBEMONT-DESSAIGNES

the kind

does it matter more ta you than one or the other? the other but no/but yes/ i mean if he wasnt bourgeoiis which he was but  couldnt help but be ;so it dont not matter

Tzara thought Beckett (was) a good poet. The old dadaist, to my knowledge, didn't seem to know any of this other work. nor did he appear to know any of Joyce's
"The kind of work I do,Beckett  explained to Israel Schenker in a New York Times interview in 1966, before he'd closed the door to media, "is one in which I'm not master of my material.

            The more Joyce knew the more he could do. He's tending toward omniscience and omnipotence as an artist. I'm working with impotence, ignorance. I don't think impotence has been exploited in the past."


paradises found as in found objects subjects

the air is a root ~hans arp

The air is a root.
The stones are filled with tenderness. bravo.
bravo. the stones are filled with air.
the stones are watery branches.
on the stones replacing the mouth
grows the skeleton of a leaf. bravo.
A stone voice face to face and foot to foot
with a stone glance.
the stones are tormented like flesh
the stones are clouds for their second
nature dances to them on their third nose.
bravo. bravo.
when the stones scratch themselves, nails grow
on the roots. bravo. bravo.
the stones woke to eat the exact hour    ~.



..............O my god .. n apple a die we were just always Hungry...

..............  to get 'em outta jail.. without batting an eye







 ofwas therebeing?

  dont  tell me theyre still doing that? after this time of nouri and pourri? what gaboom is gthat? ghat boum yahwat?

                                                           cullagen yrforklie


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Der Dadasof

Raoul Hausmann

Optophonetic and phonetic poetry represent the first step towards poetry that is perfectly non-objective and abstract. K P'ERI UM L P'ERIOUM N M' pernounnurn bpretiberrerrebee onooooooooh gplanpouk kommpout perikoul rreeeeeEEErreeeee A oapderree ringlepadonou nntnoutnournt

we demand the extension and conquest of every sensory capacity

Orson Welles Interview - featuring Isidore Isou Lettrism

OR Son Wellesssssssssssssssssss interviewing Isou Isou!

Orson Welles interviews the Romanian poet living in Paris featuring Isidore Isou Lettrism, important movement of sound poetry. Excerpt from the documentary film "Around the World with Orson Welles" St. Germain des Pres (1955).

Honeymooners -- Funny Money Full Show




Artist who works in several mediums http://radioradiodeleuze.blogspot.ca/ 

Canada · recalltopoetry.blogspot.ca

Ile Sat upon the shore ~


 homme approximatif 
     approximate man like me like you reader like

Why then Ile fit you.  Hieronymo's mad againe. 431
Datta.  Dayadhvam.  Damyata. 401
   Shantih shantih shantih 433

Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider 407

Or under seals