Territories Desire

Territories Desire

If there are territories of desire___and indeed there are Sir, __ but they exist as Outsides not dominated by the signifier dictatorship of the text's Boss__ the one formerly writing under the name God, then we are in them, we fiddle around in the milieu unknowingly. As each of us, is a territory, flake flittering over our own body-without-organs, then we seek what, precisely? A word speaking to a word won't do. A text talking back to another won't do either. Maybe it's just time to do the laundry.

If_____ why say if, how if, when if, who if, whence if__ not if, but becomings over the threshing hold, body-without-organs.
As the egg laid of the formal template dares its opening, unlatching flue, ceaseless line.

Catapult .

Clifford Duffy

'Deterritorializing and


Deterritorializing and

Deterriorializing is not the same__ as__deconstructing is about texts, Deterritorializing is about connecting different machines, literary, artistic, schizo, to an Outside. 'Derrideans' often misread this assuming everything in the world is text, even their noses.
But Professor Challenger, and Doctor Pierre Felix Guattari teach us otherwise.
Connect your wee machine, to an Outside where the Air.

Air, indeed, a literary world cannot be unbound to everyday.
They teach us otherwise otherwise otherwise.
Wise.__ Sobriety__ we learn wise to become its learning as pages pass into the other side.
Not only text,but the plurality of becomings.

That your passive sentence for instance. And your mouth fragment is love. That the schizo sentence is okay. Alright. acceptable. Not the promising of injury to what's been debated inside of yourself.

But a body without organs, and intensities of particles. As yourselves mutate multiple beings becoming.

This becomes an essay by virtue of its paradox.

In the non-deconstuction model it's about a path, a schizoid break line where passages occur. A body-without-organs, a wave over the body. A n intensity of lived experience. Fictions.

Clifford Duffy's DeleuzoGuattarian Fiction are show cased at
Deleuze Studies Manchester .

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09 NOVEMBER 2013


letterpress workshop / center for book arts / nyc

Most of my work is digital but this week I went back in time and tried out letterpress printing because I wanted to see how it works, what's involved - and how it fits in with the history of printing....