__liKe __LIke__Ism

it is  a new disease the infinite 'like' fits i n with the millions who speak similarly    ~ a hand twitches
like like

 like like

how many likes ? how many dislikes

  i suspect it takes away invention and  fertility of the imagination the desire to create to invent to discourse on what one sees intelligently

  now this is legitimate perhaps for those who have no command or understanding of the language of

those they encounter but for those who can speak and write its  a failure to rise to the co-creation of what one is capable of

i treated it lightly at first a light touch hoping to arouse a dada 'leger' response

but nothing of the sort happend in these closed out 'media

Have (someone found this previously . and it ... )

. ..


stranger sand|Under the skirt
fire morning dying come. the clickety day

mapchaahahped hands freckled with disease
someone else`s body speaking

bury garden| its that O the



was about time it came off the press 

  -------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  froM



dreamt I was petting a cat whose body was held together with sewing needles. Then a man broke out of prison transport and started shooting at me. By the time I realized I was surrounded, and the cat had escaped unharmed, I woke up in a panic.

living close



living close to the necessary bone . that's the moment. a matter of silence.  clandestine / wool/narrating a chuck-wagon?


 girl tell  man /she love/
record turn/
45 rpm/ creak  windup  her bones/
    feels a bing! bang! whoosh/go
 down  her kneecaps  [pause]    and            her hearing aid
/asked for help
in  a river named /