... what .. is/what was a


.what was a blog speeding virtual difference ahead of her jar/
         her hips



what Wasis a blog?  you keep asking your self


                                                         (myself asking is yourself pleading?
                                                   what's pleading lover  )

                    is it your body? is your body a blog the image of your face grain image of your face is
   your body blog?                                                 as the circus virtual becomes symphonic
                                                                and the poems more real

 the test more virtual

              learning to breath


pint |love ___________________

 before each collage stamp her head entaglioed like  a space of   difference melted by toe and inkling her shadow compared to the night

          of missing teeth/ grief

  they want her to paint love
    paint her instead
   her stately (steady) head
a  geni blossom

  lissome that pretty word ever pretty
                                    close to a word standing by precipice

into the desire of her crack fall

 what sense is that against the cloud
                          a  broad mystery for making pears


works in one plato Form not the other

its Knot


                                its knot easy to have a  body
  or a  line of verse  stanza
  breaking the neck
of wounded womb
of here song 


 or om
 imagining   meeting across

minds transforming 
to one who's already been your
yours belonged to you