chronique summer 83-4

t magazine. one randy put out. gt her/him in trouble.over a poem which mention meat hanging and some punkette, her cunt in her hand, walking up St. Laurent blvd. go figure.

later there was Raw Verse that cause problem too. sometime in Montreal city. politico correcters. erasers. of head. and the french lover
sayingto me, My breeeeeessssttttsss
she was frightened or worried her breasts were too big, but it was no t th e case,
it was her head Ego, too big.

A, walked her around all night, as her/him coughed out the
pain, when S, dumped, him , a cruel word if ever there was one.

and the Show at the Cafe/Cafe Commune was very successful. Pat read from Blue Dog poems , with the band.

Dada duffy wore her hat, trimmed in her hand,
conifered & coiffed for the gods~~