StAndiNg ~ _________Is

___________                             ________________standing is digGinG~

stand o yr ass



the figure stirring  veiled by camera and  net puts  Venus Aprodite rising

the sea    back of her mind

holding its mind dada brushes the gypsy

burnishing the unexpected rough cap of glacier  backwater

 wisdom it's drop of favorite expectations vanishing

holding its mind dada brushes the gypsy

burnishing the unexpected rough cap of

the rising tide the ancient proverb held by the situating metaphor

hovering at the brink wonder at its fearless

_U --------------B------------------U ________________ ROi____________

 at ubuweb

     one can see and so can two
                         Ubu Roi Alfred Jarry's

 notorious   play

                     f   i                    l                 m                                      e

Autre portret de Monsieur Ubu. voila  a  little exerpt   posted  project gutenberg

Title: Ubu Roi
       ou les Polonais

Author: Alfred Jarry

Release Date: October 16, 2005 [EBook #16884]

Language: French

Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1


Produced by Marc D'Hooghe.

From images generously made available by Gallica
(Bibliothèque Nationale de France) at


Acte Premier
Acte Deuxième
Acte Troisième
Acte Quatrième
Acte Cinquième



les Polonais



Drame en cinq Actes en prose
Restitué en son intégrité tel qu'il a été représenté par les marionnettes du Théâtre des Phynances en 1888.

Ce Livre est dédié à MARCEL SCHWOB

Adonc le Père Ubu
hoscha la poire,
dont fut depuis
nommé par les Anglois
et avez de lui sous
ce nom maintes
belles tragoedies par


Père Ubu
Mère Ubu
Capitaine Bordure
Le Roi Venceslas
La Reine Rosemonde
Ladislas...) leurs fils
Le général Lascy
Stanislas Leczinski
Jean Sobieski
Nicolas Rensky
L'Empereur Alexis
Pile....) Palotins
Conjurés & Soldats
Michel Fédérovitch
Larbins de Phynances
Toute l'Armée russe
Toute l'Armée polonaise
Les Gardes de la Mère Ubu
Un Capitaine
Le Cheval à Phynances
La Machine à décerveler
Le Commandant

Acte Premier
Scène Première


Père Ubu:


Mère Ubu:
—Oh! voilà du joli, Père Ubu, vous estes un fort grand voyou.
Père Ubu:
Véritable portret de Monsieur Ubu.
—Que ne vous assom'je, Mère Ubu!
Mère Ubu:
—Ce n'est pas moi, Père Ubu, c'est un autre qu'il faudrait assassiner.
Père Ubu:
—De par ma chandelle verte, je ne comprends pas.
----------------------See the Play Move___________________________________________________________

                 -------- Ub  u   RoI Alfred Jarry PataPhYSician

The opening night of December 11,1896, caused quite a stir according to Roger Shattuck in his work The Banquet Years. Actor Firmin Gernier stepped forward to speak the opening line — “Merdre!” (translated as “Shifter!”). The audience erupted in pandemonium. It took nearly fifteen minutes to silence



_ minutes to silence the house and continue the play. Several people walked out without hearing any more. Fist fights broke out in the orchestra. Jarry supporters shouted, “You wouldn’t understand Shakespeare either!” 

stage manager startled the audience into silence by turning up the house lights and catching several screaming patrons standing on their seats and shaking their upraised fists. Gernier improvised a dance and the audience settled back down long enough for the action to proceed to the next “merdre,” when the audience exploded once again. 



The interruptions continued throughout the play until the curtain fell. One audience member, a stunned and saddened William Butler Yeats, remarked “[W]hat more is possible? After us the Savage God.”_____por old yeats!_________________________

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||==========================]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]---- Yeats whose soul was already old was not hip enuff to dig this funny and farcial drama
   A rtaud the master of the body without organs saw it !
and loved it naturally
as any kind would 

Artaud directed a version of it   ------------if not  Nope he and another friend ran a theatre
-------------------------------_____Alfred Jarry Theatre
  with Roger Vitrac
'''''“Between real life and the life of dreams there exists a certain interplay of mental associations, relationships between gestures or events that can be translated into actions, which constitute precisely that theatrical reality which the Alfred-Jarry-Theater has undertaken to revive. The sense of the true reality of the theater has been lost. The notion of theater has been erased from the human brain. And yet it still exists, halfway between reality and dreams.”

there are some remarks at this spot called jarry theatre

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