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The life of an artist… differs from the lives of other person in that its events are becoming artistic sources even as they command his present attention. Instead of allowing each day, pushed back by the next, to lapse into imprecise memory, he shapes again the experiences which have shaped him… In turn the process of reshaping experience becomes a part of his life, another of its recurrent events like rising or sleeping.
— Richard Ellmann



a sneaky little poet was moving over    the ground

              not wearing his Homer shoes

but his home-made Badmintons
______________________________Fishing gone fishy____________________________
_____________________________________________________Soft as a _________________________________________


fat rosy night



night is breath ~

  breath rose

          is  that


Read a line of text written by

Read a line of text written by the Marquis de Sade [ONE]

                                Rachel Defay-Liautard




Percy Medicine

Steve Brewster writes about the opening lines “Baby Percy told Elixir Sue / Listen to me baby / I’m gonna tell it to you”:
Don was referring to a common product in the USA in the 1950s – Percy Medicine and their mascot “Baby Percy”. I’m sending a photo of the box for the stuff that clearly shows who Baby Percy is.

the medium is NOT the message

the phone....

Interestingly enough Ted Hughes wrote The Telephone, a poem written around the same time as the Maclowe poem.

Émission du 21 novembre 1962

"J'interroge et j'invective", poéme de François Dufrene Isou's homage totwo tZAra

||||||||||||||||||||||| Isidore Isou's film Traité de bave et d'éternité (195

that she rot in h e l l w i t h o t h e r Like All conservatives  everywhere 




 like a fish needs a bicycle

April 21, 2013

By Gabriel Levy

The philosopher  Hezickizek hopes fervently for a “Thatcher of the left”, and pays homage to strong leaders, in the New Statesman this week. I think the opposite: we need a movement to turn the world upside down without such leaders and their potential for authoritarianism and hierarchy.

Zizek, regarded as a leading “left” intellectual, explains his point with reference to Winston Churchill’s approach to military decisions: to boil down the experts’ analysis into “a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’”.

---------------------------------- As always he's (heZick) a sentimentalist living some fantasy of wha the imagines is the need, and thee case for otherS~ HE be wrong./people can decide for themselves and can think very well for their selves. People are not dumb   ~



(he keeps yammering on about master this an masterthat its all masterbsturbations )

Im no t saying hes in bad faith hes just off the beat going the other way when most are trying to find ways to go elsewhere thinking different finding day to day answers and constructions of life and politics, and art....