how di s gu sti g to imag i n e s u rreal_ ism
its fat head pope Breto
p utti g o t Arta ud & tristan
e a tre bilan de maladie


daß ich als ich
ein und zwei ist
daß ich als ich
drei und vier ist
daß ich als ich
wieviel zeigt sie
daß ich als ich
tickt und tackt sie
daß ich als ich
fünf und sechs ist
daß ich als ich
sieben acht ist
daß ich als ich
wenn sie steht sie
daß ich als ich
wenn sie geht sie
daß ich als ich
neun und zehn ist
daß ich als ich
elf und zwölf ist.



June 23 1916  
At Cabaret Voltaire  
HuGo Ball

gadji beri bimba glandridi laula lonni cadori  
gadjama gramma berida bimbala glandri galassassa laulitalomini  
gadji beri bin blassa glassala laula lonni cadorsu sassala bim  
gadjama tuffm i zimzalla binban   gligla wowolimai bin beri ban  
o katalominai rhinozerossola hopsamen laulitalomini hoooo  
gadjama rhinozerossola hopsamen  
bluku terullala blaulala loooo

zimzim urullala zimzim urullala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam  
elifantolim brussala bulomen brussala bulomen tromtata  
velo da bang band affalo purzamai affalo purzamai lengado tor  
gadjama bimbalo glandridi glassala zingtata pimpalo ögrögöööö  
viola laxato viola zimbrabim viola uli paluji malooo

tuffm im zimbrabim negramai bumbalo negramai bumbalo tuffm i zim  
gadjama bimbala oo beri gadjama gaga di gadjama affalo pinx  
gaga di bumbalo bumbalo gadjamen  
gaga di bling blong  
gaga blung  

Tzara inteRViEweD In later Years

DadA was to Make New Values overthrow the old
academic ones
hurling stones in the face of necessity

we cannot create if we don't destroy first

as Dada was the great sweep and clean.

sew dada

If Nestor is

inside the pen

its dada's

keeling weight
make s
the difference
is a difference


So dada wide eyed wakes one dawn. Dusk to her running shoe. She 's buckled toher garter belt topsy-turvy loveyeyed-dovey to her rank offal.

its as this she's tits to her ass and dada is a magnifying sheet.


this label 's always been hasbeen.


henri chopin stole my typewriter....


henri chopin stole my tape recorder| my bis hiss an' buzz

tape to tape 2 track reel to reel rather reel reel 12 hours
Munke Punke turn out he did here year lasssz yezzz wellzz its goess stolen
reel to reel
as was Punketariat serious loop to loop
lopsided as round sided button
addicts cutting ff button
drugged ou t on nod
breaking not breaking sound barrier thru
now presidents make sheep stand up taking notice
of death's dodo twice le cacapeepeetalism's tell

chopin stol e my reel to reel in 1978
3878 De Bullion street
ask >others there 12 feet collage naked floating bodies
as onthe lying floor

was No MoRe Fun FUn? I dont think so alarmist
paranoid bell went off bashed into the 'beer'

he didn't know but he did it


Put yer fin er there 

as sweepng yer

come read 

reel reeling in yer body
tadpole to this loop




dada one is two ~ 1918~ 2008~ dance of 7 dada . esque . wheel de chariot. is tristan triste? is he finangle the dance black~~ tingle of giant cinema carte blanche. neck of tooth. carries approximate fate ~~her fist woman, antihead of package soup ~~ carries his paste river and seal. next to 9 fates. history as tell of two solds. buries the blanket. wrap it upin his kitchen sink.
archictecture of text.

willing builder of life & death


returnS ~no but everyone

No one but everyone
knows my hands are inside you ~

Hold me here
like this across the day & night
sweet as strawberries your hidden lips ~
& then ours ~


Have a cigarette ~ Little lover ~ yer boots are capes ~

her fourth squire was amazem, ent lef tby Orpheus dada in sand. not clocked to glues. nor cloaked to bend.

her fourth squire was amazem, ent lef tby Orpheus dada in sand. not clocked to glues. nor cloaked to bend.

buddy buddy come on over
we can can can can can woopee woopee
for a [another]time dada seventh wonder of the world. how it works, not why. dear. moon as the blue in juinjune
for a time dada was then and there

thence rewarding

dada was favourite word
StReet lengthwise|

|that was dada masques . longly. as whence thence returning forward~d|