henri chopin stole my typewriter....


henri chopin stole my tape recorder| my bis hiss an' buzz

tape to tape 2 track reel to reel rather reel reel 12 hours
Munke Punke turn out he did here year lasssz yezzz wellzz its goess stolen
reel to reel
as was Punketariat serious loop to loop
lopsided as round sided button
addicts cutting ff button
drugged ou t on nod
breaking not breaking sound barrier thru
now presidents make sheep stand up taking notice
of death's dodo twice le cacapeepeetalism's tell

chopin stol e my reel to reel in 1978
3878 De Bullion street
ask >others there 12 feet collage naked floating bodies
as onthe lying floor

was No MoRe Fun FUn? I dont think so alarmist
paranoid bell went off bashed into the 'beer'

he didn't know but he did it


Put yer fin er there 

as sweepng yer

come read 

reel reeling in yer body
tadpole to this loop