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April 21, 2013

By Gabriel Levy

The philosopher  Hezickizek hopes fervently for a “Thatcher of the left”, and pays homage to strong leaders, in the New Statesman this week. I think the opposite: we need a movement to turn the world upside down without such leaders and their potential for authoritarianism and hierarchy.

Zizek, regarded as a leading “left” intellectual, explains his point with reference to Winston Churchill’s approach to military decisions: to boil down the experts’ analysis into “a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’”.

---------------------------------- As always he's (heZick) a sentimentalist living some fantasy of wha the imagines is the need, and thee case for otherS~ HE be wrong./people can decide for themselves and can think very well for their selves. People are not dumb   ~



(he keeps yammering on about master this an masterthat its all masterbsturbations )

Im no t saying hes in bad faith hes just off the beat going the other way when most are trying to find ways to go elsewhere thinking different finding day to day answers and constructions of life and politics, and art....