who owns a verse|fer You in Yer EaR

who owns a word
'one' two 'two' 'hangs' hang hang its a hanging
hanging is that a witch up yer ass?
that Oedipus?
is that a rope roun' yer neck
is that 'one's (using the word 'one'
busted alie_nation. Imagine lover's
worddeath to spawn) 'hangin' up & down a lover
on a mountain
not love's semantic rattling of
signifier bones & jone
kick ass come
boundaries best
saw of Oedipus
call her mummy
who this Oedipus bum

You chump

desiringmachine onlie
work when break
onlie beloved these
sonnet of eyes
& bone
yer hep
cat whines
to my heart
of body



if therE was commentary it might go something what sheet of textile is this, what hammer of no and everyon is she tallking about? is that a body she wants, or him? is her there in her head, or hanging to the detext of deterritorialization and hunger? How can out go in when out's been out so long it dont been in?