mutEULellE Machine Book Blog

This is a projecto moe J'E& other are having fun with~. This idea had been floating around my head for a while to start a series of mini-blogs, offshoots of the rhizomatic machining that differnet authors playing in the me/you dyad fling over, bend & shape materials of the electronic space in Other Way

Actually its not anylonger of a book but a Machine really its not a book at all it is a kind of machine not quite the idea of a desiremachine which only works when things break down but on the other hand it is a break through of genre and media to shaping so on so on.You Dig? Like how does it end anD begin? You see what I mean?


this is a mani portage of patrol boat float, rather no 1. there were multiple choice in
the Hexam. She failed. We dulcet succeed. Love

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