as the dada is a four letter wor

__________ Sartre the dada of existentialism
but no bodies please
Sartre played piano
but neva wrote poesy

Sartre as cited by Hulsenbeck " I am the New Dada " but dont say where he caught it. Its a pick up thought.
its a fine notion. the daddy of French existentialism laying claim to being the new dada. must have been from the thirties as Surrealism was the dominant signifier . of french literary artistic

it fits but as a transitory moment as the existentialism machine had yet to work out its terms. AS for Dada by the 30's the period I am inferring that this statement originates from, Tzara the leading French _ thinker or theoretical exponent of the concept and idea of DAda, well Tzara was already well _

he had been writing approximate man
and the great anti-head prose poems
as he was also to write the great essays about dream
and latent poetry
versus manifest poetry

"On His Way" to becoming a Marxist or rather I ought to write he already was. one of the comical stories about old Tzara was his death_ the Lettrist and Stalinist were both in attendance at the burial at Pere Lachaise, and guess
a fistfight broke out as both groups strove to claim him as one of their own

Hilarious that Dada Tzara the Marxist was causing a row even at the event of his own burial!

------------------- Does it get anymore Dada than that?

_________________ Dada is the Z of art
the always peeved freeing of energy. Nothing more and less. the historic moment at the Cabaret Voltaire has long passed, and the world, is much less "nice " than it was and we are all, less naive,
yet their great hope and fire of youth and energy in revolt lives ,
and will always live .
_______________________________ And the energy of the spontaneous poem is not
the same as the automatic text of the surrealist prose poem of Soupault and Breton

Indeed it's my impression that Breton never understood French poetry, as such, whereas Tzara did, and he
wrote it about it better.

His essays about Villon and Rabelais.

So what was dada
but this ever energizing Z _ Or open line of retreat and flash forward

_________________________ the late great dada
the grandja that was dada

____________________________ French dada
is not German dada
or the other dada of New York
and elsewheres....
think of Hausmann's optophone machine

___________ the theoretican /inventor of sound
if you want to call it that

1922, publié à Vienne (Autriche). Titre : Optophonétique.

Extrait : « La construction technique adéquate donne à l’Optophone la capacité de montrer l’équivalence des phénomènes optiques et sonores, autrement dit : il transforme les vibrations de la lumière et du son - « car la lumière est de l’électricité vibrante, et le son aussi est de l’électricité vibrante ». (...) Mais notre intention est de réussir l’optophonétique, comme dépassement de notre conscience temporelle-spatiale et atteindre à une perfection technique que nous ne sommes pas capables d’atteindre, si nous ne voulons pas reconnaître les relations entre l’art pictural et la musique, qui séparément sont des formes dépassées. »

it was from this line of departure that Isou set forth some of the principles and ideas of his own sound practice in the Lettrist
documents and manifestos of the early 50's.

so that the non-systematising machine of dada
became/becomes the attempt to schematize it in Isou 's recourses to other practice.

I would not describe Hausmann as the same type of thinker. he did not to my knowledge have the same penchant for systematizing as Isou or Maurice Lemaitre.

quote _cited at remue net

dear old great aunt Matha, had a ball over there with Matthew Josephson and others and

the dada balls

were the grand slam one might say of the old world before its final

bitter collapse into the horrors of the 1930's.