Most true stories resonate through the ages. Think of Homer's tales, and the great drama of Shakespeare. the great drama

Yes, the wound we bear is common and loneliness haunts the land. haunts the land the land haunts I don't know if a screenplay would address the love and suffering you've lived,but perhaps poetry does.

address the poetry we've loved. we ve lived. haunted the address we 've become

poetry works become
Poetry works for me.
I once thought  
I once thought I had been branded,
but you know I got 

but you know, I got past her past her her past past her 
and time time

and time I saw that branding was a moment, 
 branding a moment

a moment      moment            moment

a vivid and existential one, but not something that had to remain.
As for that well  it's odd and from time to time I've come across real 


          people with true stories
                             true stories true stories 
                                               true true true 

Stay in touch if you like  _ you write well, and it was  a pleasure to read you.

o read you the way stay i n touch you something real across 

you and your body your body your you body stay body you 

_________________________________________________dada diachronic continues her story.she's BC to her AD.

dada _______________________________