CHAOTIC FLUX: video response to munch

 Does the SchIZIo daughter know her mother of the four arms, the eight 
egs, the rigging awning                          the derring do?

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“The Scream” or “The Cry” (“Der Schrei” in German) is an image that

 hasmesmerized me over and over. In this 

machinima I put Edvard Munch in contact with the Brazilian band TITÃS(Titans) and the song O PULSO (The 

Pulse) across time. In the credits the refrain “The pulse stillbeats” (“O pulso ainda pulsa”).


  See that VIDoe for  YourSelf viewer

at his Blog MIster ChaoS doeS it better than we say with our schizophrenic mouse
                                    [not a mouse stirring]