my stink is not our stink-- Feces shit caca ca kiki

Given the daily overproduction of user generated content and the continuous political solicitation to which we are subjected, it’s ever more difficult to make sense of the sheer number of objects circulating on the internet. Finally some order is restored.
Certain she was SHIT. Certain right. she was . her face . right to right. it broke in three vertiginous planes. cracked round the side of her face ~ planes of her face. and her skirt face

Les Liens Invisibles is very proud to announce its contribution to the Museum of Ordure with a new website that invites contributions in all aspects of ordure.
Ordure is defined as “dirt: dung: excrement: anything unclean (fig).– adj. ordurous. (Fr.,–O. ord,
foul–L. horridus, rough.)” There are categories of ordure

  Shit Shit and More shit
which are common, shit for example.
The subject proliferates: What are the parameters of ordure? And what is virtual ordure?|||||||||||||||||ITs Shit is what it iS


The Museum of Ordure explores the cultural value of ordure through its projects and ongoing public collections. It takes inspiration from Dominique Laporte’s “History of Shit”  ( igot this piece of crap but Josh Did one too)

(first published in French in 1978), to verify that modern power is founded on conditions for the management of human waste. Laporte insists that in parallel to the cleansing of the streets of Paris from shit, the French language was similarly cleansed of Latin words to establish official French without “foreign leanings” (according to an edict of 1539).

Thus language was purged of its “lingering stink” to become purer and invested with authority. Can the same can be said of the technologies that are now found on the streets (installed in mobile devices and such-like), that they are purged of their stink too? This is the Apple paradigm of

                       software development with specially conceived proprietary “apps” (for iPhones and iPads) that close off users from the underlying stink of code. If t

of the (social) body can be detected in the examination of its shit, then current mismanagement is clear for all to see in the vile products that proliferate.

See the growing collection of ordure at and share with us #ordure content on Twitter.

Actually at the moment Twitter has suspended the @museumofordure account, confirming the status of its tweets as ordure; despite this,------------------must have been a shitty account!! HAAHHAHHA

ordure continues to circulate and results for #ordure can be found at!/search/%23ordure.

The Museum is also currently showing some objects from its collection as part of the Museum Show at Arnolfini, Bristol, UK (Sept-Nov 2011). See Museum Websitewww.ordure.orgThe Permanent #ordure on twitter!/search/%23ordureSupported by Arnolfini