axis------------------------------------- of -----------__________________ElViS


what's so dada about

                                     aXis of Elvis the legendary 'underground' chroniclE ~ Of life in
 Montreal in the 90
 strange amble of ghost writer machine    ~.

                                             cOMMuNIsT bOWliNG lEAGuE

Author Glam Parson
       has   A Wily manner of depicting  a funky punky loose band of shifting characters living the  fringe of their desirous wanderings in the city of franglais and its old time miseries and joy.

DiG:_______________________ the writer has published this book under a Pseudonym
is it a great    book            or even a well-written one?
                     no matter 
                     it's beside the point |||||||||||||||||it's what it does. it does 'strange' things to a reader picking it up randomly beside herself in a lonesome metro ride.  

similarly over at no family life time  blues one hears the drift of personal need combining with the rocky chords and  bango riffs of desire the wants of a hunger machine grabbing at life wherever 'it comes' a s the sides of things go off and wander into their own cement.
  Amy Goldberg - vocals, guitar Amy Keeler - vocals, guitar, banjo Garrett Johnson - vocals, banjo 

artwork by Amy Keeler and Talia McColgan.
"the ghosts we know" booklet by Amy Goldberg.
cassette released on BORN records.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

_______________ Glam Parson's book is  a machine clipped together to make something work for the writer in the same way a band may or may not work on any given night---a listner sits down or puts on her mp 3 player and finds herself awash with feelings she might not want to hear at that given moment. but does it matter? what matters is how you feel and what you do with it even if you don't like a given stress in the singer's vocals  of a ny one song
. life is a fragment of one .  Everyone is BrokEn and  doing the  best they can . the best one can is a fragment of love's mysterious cobra. A wom b filled with life, violins, bangos, bass, an d basement tapes of one kind and another.

In Axis of Elvis you get the similar sideeffect of a  world living upside down or sideways hanging as if an owl had bounced off his feet and landed on his head. Where is the writer? and where the hell are the commas?

 But after  a time bitching about these  matters you give in at last as yo u do to an imperfect person offering you love. in all their immaterial imperfect way.

So it is.

_______________________________________home made art work and lyrics page o n page of chronicle and life's unlovely burnish its perfectly sung  beauty of rough edge baby love it go for broke and more.
____________________________________________there will be more of our poste restante fragmenting
because life is a fragment of the imaginating fragment itself~.