the kind

does it matter more ta you than one or the other? the other but no/but yes/ i mean if he wasnt bourgeoiis which he was but  couldnt help but be ;so it dont not matter

Tzara thought Beckett (was) a good poet. The old dadaist, to my knowledge, didn't seem to know any of this other work. nor did he appear to know any of Joyce's
"The kind of work I do,Beckett  explained to Israel Schenker in a New York Times interview in 1966, before he'd closed the door to media, "is one in which I'm not master of my material.

            The more Joyce knew the more he could do. He's tending toward omniscience and omnipotence as an artist. I'm working with impotence, ignorance. I don't think impotence has been exploited in the past."