chronicle 1966

__ day she dressed up like a girl halloween was
walk the street t o high school dance
thats when she met Jean Genet
at dance with hard on in he r skirt, tight fitting
she was

exhaled by her lover
of bold.

lipstick and her crotch swollen
with the.

Was she a drag queen
or drag gender
in her wake
fields and walks of fuck

fuck walk of wake fields her buttocks a song

later in the dadaphones in Cologne she
strech pants wore in giza gallons and mia farrow glasses
her ass was the catch all prize of numerous fighters
and their pillows


Her ass, her ass! she exclaim three times,
dying as she came.
following the street


of that the rent was too paid good
in paris was somber fligh t and geese her Greece lover
over nights when torture cell rang
sipping copy all night
as it

an d

rasped the greek song

her face proud
high the air