chronicle 1978



debullion street _ readies for No More Fun Punketeraiat show/performance

before this Maison Flake _ 1976 disaster

organ flounder


More coming about this forgotten era! which occurred on the cusp, the moment, a dialectical moment as one might say just prior to the nationalists taking over in Quebec   

 it's quite conceivable these types of movements such as Dada Duffy and Maison Flake, the Punketariat and others __ later like Fouism failed because of this perhaps? __ could only take place before nationalism and for a short while into its existence _- its tenure, as by its very nature Nationalism is against ideas like Dada

         Dada,  the first and oritginal Dada was after all born against war the big stupidities war that was really the Monstrous war of Nationalist the Disease

Isms of all sorts are from , hail from Outer Space and are diseases of the Human spirit,

                   Dada is from Inner space and is the Telephone of Desire  and Desire Machines _____________________________________________________