_______________O boy!

yuga duffy where are you   ? at the shore   ?

   is tha t reign of water your diffidence hanky-panky as when a wheel sun bumping into a truck makes a subversive thought a servo-mechanism fandango to its nearest thought whosoever came up with such a set of leer and beside that memenot you have no weight tonight ? and she's nicety itself a wielding pack of gum blessed to her fatty cheek. welcome hall for everyone especially adjectives at the belles-lettres moment of bleeding higher fantasy

   crimping on need and cellophane you came back to deception a cut feather meanwhile there'are wars ,  vases, cramped quarters!~quartine of bliss and bleeding hearts, bullets racked to the roof a pell mell quake of coming goings .... the man must need

             how does he retreat?

________ it takes time to form chaos into its pretend time   ~.