"Para que quiero mis pies si tengo alas para volar" Frida Kahlo

------------------------- as dada furnished the means
troubled by its safe place

because dada found its other face its other body snaking across the rooftop approximation its hung roun the beck and tibilation its tribe the god wrangling its throat these bare foot hooded to the mare its rang and rang the bell of its recitation

for adada had to forage its route out the off and leading its body lyric t o its shade self to its other

---------and its sore what the heck

barreled its considerable prestige across time riveting sapping space
its positive

she's found others to be her many selves


some speak of titillation but the dog had to go goddog
places its missive back to back

___________________________ she wore her scarf backward
mouth glazing upward

_____________________ an one
____________________ was this