d o r i s w i s h m a n

Ah, them old cult films and them old repressions and the sweet style of art made around the obstacles... Doris Wishman.. one of the greats..... enjoy and laugh.....

Doris Wishman (June 1, 1912, New York City – August 10, 2002, Miami, Florida) was an American film director, screenwriter and independent film producer.

Self-taught as a filmmaker, Wishman is noteworthy for her paracinematic, camp aesthetic and is often referred to as "the female Ed Wood."

The majority of her work was designed to be released in the American sexploitation film market of the 1960s and '70s.

Wishman is also one of the most prolific women film directors in the history of the cinema and in recent years has become the object of a cult following.
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