Chasses au Lions


hence frowarding ...
for this that flog its flicker ~ (museed'orsay)

over river and riant rain was hers over
winded ocean

pleasuring past its boated vessel ~ ~ gettin off
on delacroix
at the


'Delacroix's 1854 Chasse aux lions ... sketched for the director of the Fine Arts Department... asked him to execute (!A monstrous choice of word dear curator!) .... "a painting, first submitting ( O subMiSSIons )
the subject and the sketch to me for approval." Give me a break
approval become dead masterpiece
master Pie
the face!
O Shit
the pictures
He rework'd ... theme thinking since 1847,
Rubens' paintings The Hunts.

|||||||||||which exist many versions __________________________________ painted between 1856 and 1861

______________________________ version/conversion/reversion/

____________________________________ At Museum eyes ache staring so long/even neck relaxes after tim becoming part of painting. am the mouth the head which eat/ lion growl ____________we hunt ~