'I just got back from the enchanted moonscapes of Cappadocia in Turkey where (some) people still live in fairy chimneys, conical tuff rocks with pointed tops hollowed out from the inside.


These term-words as I call them could be fictionalized in the deleuze/guattari capers etcetera
    I like to think of these terms of epistemic  tags usable to generate fictions and at times, fictive devices.


"‘Listen, Jacopo, I thought of a good one: Urban Planning for Gypsies.’
‘Great,’ Belbo said admiringly. ‘I have one, too: Aztec Equitation.’
‘Excellent. But would that go with Potio-section or the Anynata?’
‘We’ll have to see.’ Belbo said. He rummaged in his drawer and took out some sheets of paper. ‘Potio-section…’ He looked at me, saw my bewilderment. ‘Potio-section, as everybody knows, is the art of slicing soup. No, no,’ he said to Diotallevi. ‘It’s not a department, it’s a subject, like Mechanical Avunculogratulation or Pylocatabasis. They all fall under the heading of Tetrapyloctomy.’
‘What’s tetra…?’
The art of splitting a hair four ways. Mechanical Avunculogratulation, for example, is how to build machines for greeting uncles.’"