____Poetry as diagrammatic Data in the 'information' war

______ 'in'___forming was once a  classical term_________________________

Poetry as                         data in the                      information war 


                     i knew also the fat  mayor was bound destined for the land of corruption

                                   what was it ?  675 a day to do what?

                        i get the feeling musicians and their ilk resemble fat mayors exchanging their repetitious melodies their anxious hope to jerk off in public imposing their

                                                                                                                     sound in  t he world

  except for Mozart and the exceptional few most musicians and the crowd assembling round them

                                miss humility  miss thinking miss love are violent addictive alcoholic prostitution machines

  it was Mozart who said it!               Music is the most easily prostituted of the arts

  the most prone to fascism    its not politically correct to critize these whores   ... the death of one of them recently a 'b' bust call it a 'b' bust

  you'd think half of the human race had died,you'd think half of the human race had died. but it hadnt it was just a musican ... when god and he does keep dying and the ruins, his body are everywhere ... are they not? not a soul peeped the unviverse dropped dead and fell asleep ..except for that lone man alone in Switizerland... Nietzsche Zarathustra... HTML scrolling text...   . the poor world wide media
 televsion wrap around screen jabbers on and on about it

                  yet thousands died that same day perhaps millions

 some might say what I                                                                                                                            do is hard but really what's hard is hearing about endless war,,     

                               art is easy if you're given the time,,

============================                                   = say no more .

Data dumps

 exchanging                         data with the capitalist     flow. what happens to the data? the data dumps?

__________________ it's no longer                                   a question of Dada                but Data.

 Data                                          data                                                                                                                                       data   

Data                                          data                                                                                                                                       data  

--------------------------     ------------------------------------------------