and say


say the fa ct that the guy in the picture is moving

and his hair is long and there's nothing else he can do but give up

and the girl's naked and got no clothes and she wants her and he wants her and she wants her and her wants something else

and that's the way it goes when the coo-coo desisting desirs uncoded

go maxi flow maximum no mini-coat maxicoat and the religious ethic's mixed up

with the coded social ethic and

yer socius has a coded background

and her arms are Modigliani but her body is wired strange for admiring other women

and burrowing her head in the sweet taste of woman

and you can't find your plate and the whole has topped stopped and toppled its heat

O Topos of tropos____________

nit to secret age its rain

that was Lawrence striding down the 4th dimensional street

eternity beckoning at his heels

he's a musician who's papa done

outlive d the

death of death the terribilita


Euripides Europe

back then

no you don’t mean a miniskirt with the ass showing or the cleavage clearing or the wasted ruins of capitalist pleasure showing or the exhibitionist delight in her ass hanging and the ipod and the eyephone with the walkie talkie and the 2311 songs downloaded from limewire and the satellite dish hooked to the back of the water bottle and the politically correct out in the open three by four love air affair and the improv course and yoga the yogurt and somewhere

GoGo boots her ass ‘shaking’ blonde dyed superjet white I don’t know how todesribe defrag it hair and hairum and marram and grass is green greener on the other side and this is the holy trinity of your Love Light let it rescind on me on the me that is personal egoic shine Tibetan book of the dead plateau bardo bardo bardo bard a bard in theland of bardo land barred from the bars an d its that plateau shit mate its that plateau shite yer down at the mouth you old lover yer the pentagram next to the hip swinging love making bodies all the day long


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you play horn cello and basoon|