woof woof

MisSa Dada was not a group . Knot that group that. but a group of . other than. its obvious significance. to whirling roun the cosmonaut~ ~


this way you can hold your nose up pod carrier . its dangerous in the air

you think your body is cute but its not half so bad
as the winking sailor's that's kicked your whore around

speaking of changing its revisions plastic feet do the trick

summer __ you're a cheap date or tawdry partner undanceable bane

(bawdry as the bering strait)

(strait is the fate of
elm and polar poplars)

withered by the hour

guarded by the sunset wrapped by the quota buried by the

(her comment is iconic lovers
clunked in the ornate)

boondocks whizzed by prose knackered by cherry-trees

(over the side
over the

a sunset galloped


living room with no itinerant intent to cleave

them'd be

breezy tunes

hefted by walks
merry chase

and every daily geese


after that she speak lover's mouth
south of her grinning
we'd speak its weeping eyes to nothin' doin'
roun the unkempts faculties
you'd hear the cafe

in our room

our room


in the mouth all sorts of things lodge. is that reside? no preside its residual swamp.comfort. of lovers past tense. bodies huddled in quilt. not guilt. or the messy shame many've tried. a dozen and more will go no . weeping as it say. some to this.s undown none ~ come to bear ~ .


them that would be are
are they now?
indeed they was
in~ word forward ~
for_word reward~