tristan is not trist 'e ~

Tristan and his manias his over other lovers

under tree and table subway and skytrain hovers the gantry
make wheels pinwheel
nose dives by factories and bus terminals


biscuit tins
lover's wraps in forwarded hips __________________

hipping along the buttoning avenue Tzara was not sad

obverse of hill and dale
rumoring the desire of breast in mouth
mothering the thought the calliope

the epic simile of her hip verse smile ass her sex

needing the houred momentous of encounter and hour glass
bubble butt
heart shaped african volute and violet of her memory smile cave

every eros a page to her eyes touch
tristan milk shake and the american pie
not half mast at her thought but blindness
at her desire

forsooth the many in the one
belly baring daring spring of her flesh
tristan remarkables the word unmade in bodies of desire heps the sing the bodies of desire
cries cries the high sign the name of at the hour
second axes of climax

saying william
where are ye?

sk that again
a salad in a handy one

clippin g between each tree many feet.
whispers round
your neck
kisses to your toes for tristan clippin g for trist


how can the word sleep ?
its bear trundling long hard and puffed fisticuff
over the road we went
motorcycle hill

remembering catc
hing baiting