the (e) ke _ y

is to keep working. as play becomes it s name.a s snip snap to repair is erased as the spontaneous osprey shakes her hair. in the harem the bodies wore night as veils. besides vellum what was there? one asks pretending an old answer

olde r
than the question the ancient day of antique

dear heart your gramaphonetic is breaking to the duel of its antiphony silent

as the lure repatriating its love

and the dance and the dance the dance
its the stripled hearing mating its friend careened by french

___________________________ One thinks of the You
predicated to its long squeezed lover her diction pressed tight to her breast
open mouthed to her baby milk
suckled by the dry heat of pride

____________________________________ You wanted to hold this danza?
______________________________________You of all people matched
_____________________________________by the steeple of forgetful hands

helding yours cupped by its run of strength

_______________________________________________ sang genius as the pane____________

didnt you know the
incomplete has always been fair
game to love
open your coffin
letting the turtle out

love your heart a big brained skipping thing
but between your ass your thighs not the marrying kind
as human distress signals milk's been your baby
lifted by the rush of your angry err

does this reckon its melody?
capture its tear
come again
midget to the forest
of barrier
and complete


hush ugly one
keep going
the keel's drifted over your soft
bay your rage
at loving
what can only conclude
with fairness
not weather
say two and four
a bloc
of time
hammered to pressed makings


wasnt it a case of the kettle calling the coal balanced white? or not balconied black?
you see now how working is play hangared over biplanes lifting their silver sovereign feet


a cheap skate_ say this was you

a rubber tube_ this the me supposed
a hose for lady hamlet's thigh

its girth well bred
midnight's flown
come home


I know secrets only you can conceal

_________________________thus the cinnabar collates

_________________________ painting our face with lacquer

___________________________the brush fine as a detailed comb ~
__________________________________ for your lips
these between things
or the other ones crushed by your laminated thighs ~

as lovers do
they do ~

do ~