______________________________ what came around then were our lips
____________________In secret faces,
my fingers&yrs

Inside this body you leapt finding sandals. AFterward the word pushed its pend. Over to the end of the

and then
_____________________left your hat in the rain

_________________________________________________________ten words an hour.

___________________________________and naked.
________________________________________________AS the day wa sborn.
__________________________________offerd everything saying words forbade,
rich the taboo of your circus ~ acrobat of the ~

_________________________________Pulled her UP pulling me in.. she was ..

_________________________________In this way we cl.d be bad, verybad.
Good was bad round the inverse stair of this affair.

_______________________________________one million collages later as you breathed. as I collapsed around your thigh, your belly, kissing you and SAYING : O
then we could
speak of lifting after the Sky

_____________________________ hold it tight into your screwlove.