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detournement of texts
'Against which we will affirmhere that the Anti-Oedipus- such as it mobilises, under the name of ‘Body

he Fauvisits were denounced as Wild Beasts when they first came along. Dada, & its endless incarnation suggests we make art from necessity not the phantasm of prize winning or "recognition" Poetry is a Way path a batch of becomings of the veil of the world[s], geology texts unearthing matrix uncovering the sands of death. Think with your bones O Writers. O writers of Canada with yer dead beat desire to be spoken and heard, be silent in your withdrawal & yer computer pomes strung along the edge of the void.
O Poets of America and religion. End the race. Purge yer religious unconscious.
Move the face out of black holes |hip the joints,
log marrow & thunder. without Organs’, the politics of sensationto which Artaud had devoted his convulsive constructions - grows out of all the movements which, in the art of the 20th century, ever since Jarry and Matisse the Hyper-fauvist knew how to free vitalism from the romantic expressiveness of the subject (therefore Dada rather than surrealism and its parasitic followers, name of ‘Body without Organs’, the politics, a permanent fauvism, that of Matisse, as the rigorous alternative to cubism and to the Spiritual in abstract Art).'
of eric alliez, guy debord, and clifford duffy