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what does it mean to be naked?
______________________________locations of per

Ewa Partum in a film performance she

did. she wasis a Polish

artist this work ... done ... 1970s... Naked body of

woman encounters power disguised as uniform. the

body as fascist. versus the body. eva

dada duffy knew better living inside her head and 
  licking her thumb
as bravery defines courage
  by bread
    by late

  valour's the only we own? come along fool!

reading partum reading a

poem. Ewa her name is

suggestive. Eve and Part

part of, a partition, a partum. the latin? Who reads naked

now? THis is from the 1970's.

Change from a work by .
... face and body vulnerable .... desire awakened --- catches the heart . o . ---------------------- your
Eve Eva Ewa Who sees this Stupid Woman _ Ewa Partun __ 1984. delicate thing the body touch is the ring around which we sway sawn by night and desire's wake