BuRlesque DanceRs and Others AppEal TO Non Dada PrinCe to Save Run down shit box part of city they like and so do I so it goes but seeing as I was on

the trail of other becomings ____________________________________I was unaware of this event becoming till a mere quarter of an hour ago


better that
the capital bingbong
replace with Uglee

commercial crapadom

HiStoric BeauTEe to go

Montreal le grand ville

de Sin

Mayor does not want

real People

living in the city

In fac


the Mayor and city

dont want the city to exist

at ALL

You can read media reports of what happened here:

“Prince Chuck misses out on lapdance” by Jamie O’ Meara, Up to the Hour (Hour Magazine)

“Royal welcome” photo by Kate Hutchinson, Montreal Mirror

“Montréal : œufs, tomates et strip-tease pour le Prince Charles” par Yannick Vely, Paris Match

“If the mayor won’t listen, maybe the prince will” by Jason C. McLean, Forget The Box

“please, charlie boy, save montreal’s red-light district” by Andy Riga, Montreal Gazette

“Une foule bigarrée accueille le prince” par Judith Lachapelle, La Presse

We never got to deliver our message to the Prince Charles in person and still haven’t received a response to our letter or video. He’s in Ottawa until tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll hear our message before returning to England.

** If you want to help spread the word, please forward, re-post, Facebook, Digg, etc. this post and/or this video to all your friends and lists, especially to people in England.

****You can also contact Prince Charles through his Regeneration Trust:

ImagIne that U too Can Write to A pRinCe if Not In Person then at least

thru his Regeneration Trust!

SO Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

PRiNCe CharlEsssssssssssssssssss

save the red Light ______________

No More ReD Light

its all gonna be

Green Light



devolopment shit

Help U s O Prince! Mona and friends Need SuppORT


_______________________ dont forget to reclaim the Main

Reclaim the Main

A project to reclaim St-Laurent Boulevard, a historic site in Montreal, from corporate intrusions through culture jammming, petitions and raising awareness. For more, please click here or the picture.