her_ for Car_ women aR e ~2 u 2



air around
potted gruel
crushing fat jouissance around its mouth
she like that when it
spin off her soup
when bounced blue her
bang bang bang
go boom boom boom goo-ga-loo ~

go googoogaloo!


call it one two

indeed Mister S. she 's wishes wash the window
of hee-haw bow-tie salad bowl & chewing bark,
as wisteria or wistful summer ,,
by lake terrace unity not so the univocal 
character of her placid


as abstract as it get
forget the lover's wink
it show time in the bustled-hustled fair

over when fiction friction personafictation
as one two its Mona's peeling visage

of smiling rose

rosed lilac petunia scented hours of vivid"



recent representations as by standed to mirror

secret you stir


First blogged