Hans Richter 1928 Dadaist Film

this film is dedicated to Columbus Ohio Street Performer Th' Rocknroll Reverend, who on the night

of March 1st 2011 during a performance on the corners of 5th and High Streets, was beaten by two

unknown assailants who were instructed by a young man and his overweight "Trick" to beat him. Th'

Rev then made his way to a local tobacco store                                                                                                        where he was molested by an elderly hippie with a

                                                                                           blonde fright wig. Th' Reverend was last seen wearing an Elephant Trunk, Red,White and Blue Top

Hat. White Hooded Terry Cloth Robe and Indian Moccasins. Anyone with any information to this

Crime please Contact the Columbus Ohio Police. And the next time you see Th' Rev, Don't take his 

                                                               coffee...Just give him a cigarette!