burrow thru

Optimisms of burrow, through-ways past cyncial machines. power :contiguities. blocs. not blocks.

flow thru- shady lamps. knock out space. ribbon please. not
reaction. aries semblance. not personal subjetivisits.

eating apples please.

standeth hearth mare.
O when was her hip aflare.

Cometh to her
invisible becomes


In the lands of Chronopolis click burrows, flip
caesura, uncompose hanging holes
retreat body in eye of empty
remove fate change shores
plane of consistency

crack silent body-without-organs
body without disease

[when]passing the seventh
gate o'inpressed ignore
dream of her body
press kiss the pouch .

lateral foot not
tumtum tumbler

slide elide
horizontal pitch
not gravy of comment
umkempt keep private