we strange

____________ most __West is here__________________

[let's consider these are badly made __ they gotta go]
to the junk k

( O
the breath


is the night a witch's broom?
(barooom ~)

kaboom ~ cumulous
is quiet loud
not loud quiet

see in this book of eyes and picture there are ears and hands around an astral space that grabs your body . shimmer of your night lover. the firefly shimmer ~! glimmer~ kissed its rim

( i cant help but come to your hips and breast
mouths meeting)

then it heard you cry out ~! O Body Close to mine is yours ~ O body never seen ~
around here the city is a pushy bedroom. hundreds fall in bed with lovers. each night. you hear the cry, sigh, grunt and snap of lovers bite. (this time we made two days a night a year)
if they hear you
get shy

but none hear us
silent in one another’s arms
_________________________how many times did I feel your mouth
sex of your love and the words we dont say but say
the clandestine river of you ... my boat comes up your river. holding tight it crawls along banking then stronger stronger it climbs up your thighs opening

and you felt me up there
far into your heart
your tummy
kissed by

_________________ this way you say dirty words
not capitalist love affairs not the middle class guilt of the secondary sickness the world's lie. its piecemeal shit. this way love is not a truck and a clock. a factory piece.