the w i n d o w

a funny thing happened when I got up this morning my head fell off when I picked it up it was your eye staring back at me I got a dizzy spell hearing you curse me even under your dying breath saying O this is the man that ruined my life

this is a picture of the telephone pole where I used to live I had a window it was a suture in the seam of things and I was riding down the mountain when you came to say the tree was cut

I moved I dont live in the window room
I went to France
Italy Toronto
Back to Paris
in time for the
nihilism and


I live in a telephone pole
with a racoon

I watch the sly skies
waiting God's intentions
spurring my onward Christian soldiers message

I nev
er did understand the plural or possessive
the cambering need for armies to
about face
in the wind

In the lee of this love
I became a forest not knowing the reactionary délire
was commonplace sort of
like you
commonplace and a little upreared