Icons of Women Saints by Matthew D. Garrett

_________________________ Are you Christian Mister Duffy?
No, but I like the ikon and how it figiures forth as a singular energy. of differences between women and men. and their love.

and what is a saint? what can be a saint now perhaps lovers.

Ikons of the saints .... interesting link.. I've included some of the images that can be found at Matthew Garrett's website...

"Excluded from the College of Apostles and the hierarchy by their gender, women were nevertheless among the most ardent and important followers of Christ on earth and throughout the centuries. Relatively few were added to the list of formal saints, however. Those who did were generally biblical figures, martyrs, monastics, or royals ... singly or in combination:.."

St. Brigit of Kildaire &
St. Marcia.

St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, St. Mary of Egypt

Great Martyr Catherine, and St. Deborah the Prophetess.

Imagine these women
who loved god
She was a saint
she prayed &
walked the turn
lifted each moment up
its e.s.p. to a power greater
enhancing the thing she foresaw
each contour of their vision
always her smile

each puff of smoke
a taste of god


As writers squeezed the earth forth filled with saints she spoke hearing their names and knocks. Saint Emily Saint Slyvia Saint Anne Saint Violette Saint Emmy Saint Anonymous Saint Sin Saint One Saint Two Saint Sarah Saint Betty Saint Renne Saint Angela and these one s that filtered through her brain and skirts waking the space of her desire left the long heel of their night on her brain.

She was a saint when she prayed
lifted the worrying days past her hands


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Icons of Women Saints by Matthew D. Garrett: