god is on the 'underground'

god is god is public as wish to heart it spells the waving rind of song not wishing the post policing of art. as wish to heart. breathes its best. not. bully to song. its winding piloted stasis. out with its have not wish resenting resenting hate its half baked butter 's not kind to love's kingdom a people 's prayer not a sentimental fluid bearing gifts to the ignorant 'the' ignorant' our song's a pleasure fest valiant as the uplifted rock chord not the pride of political piece

_____________________________ you've counted the molecules. here the hair's breadth molecule molecule monkey has hazards on her rain bananna bread to her baboon cutes as cuts to any saw dust lawyer not Lanier and her elegant emergencies but the subtle disparities of art's trouble a palace held high _________________________
Doctor come again lover here your hips closer clover little one speak to her doubled wended tricks ring gong as bells gate tarry the wool long enough over their eyes __________________________ you've been many goddess yet knot this 'One' ____________________________ shift your kiss this willow eye to eye in harried dawn ____________________ was it dusk or busk?