if you clip them. you'll find lot of secrets. a place you saunter'd . by harbour. then inward.
to the heart. reaping the fine things of your ginger, and baked rock. then stuff
from astral parts, bodies which swam. round you. it was me too with you
holdin' our hearts. we were. holdin' our hearts.

the roses


So she clipped clipped chipped. She sculpted in bronze, on silver. patterning her hair the way classical models used to. she shipped her heart here. down to the city.it was red and blood and orange too. How can a heart be orange in the city of rain.
She slept over there, always on the way.Meeting us. here and there. her-e and t'he're.
some filiation of past encountering presents ~

___ they found a painting of her hair and his eyes in there.

_______________________her hands bound around his ~