NavetTe SpAce Cadet

NavettTe SpAce Cadet

Someone writes to a bulletin board in th e town of hopes and loverlovelove and sexbedboom~ and cuddle miss cute. But does she like Chagall?

"I love a strong man ( Does she mean Hercules?)", "who knows who he is (who is he? who is he? he knows ! he knows! Or dear he knows glows and coals in the dark!)

and knows what he wants ( O the men the men Who KNow what they who KNOW what 'they ' want are infinite as the mud of the Ganges River) (their blood is toil flying air force jettings summering round the world 45,000 feet overthe earth dear sweet earth rough cough earth).

"I believe in romance ( O the Roam and Rome and Romance self respect! Respect yorself the roam of rome of romance dance) and self respect."
O self and respect inspect your introspecting expecting lover lover belly lover sweet ~
" I love" ( I love I love I love I give and I receive I receive give love to love receive give love I I I I I) to give and love to receive.

I seek( I seek I seek I seek) a man(A man! A man A man but not between the lover between the un-named one who's between the leg the feet the lover the one who sing on her on her head )

"who wants a partner to compliment his life and I need a man to make life that much sweeter."
partner partner partner a part that's near her part her part rubbing his part
his rubbing their rubbing rubbing rubbing

"I am fun loving, intelligent, outgoing, in great shape, love to cook/bake and nurture those I love."____________> THe lady Can Cook. Shes cookin in the kitchen of Love?

of Love shes got cookies and nookies and hookies

and her back is sweeter than baked goods than baked goods pie pie and crust and cake ~
Does she
Love the
dance of chagall
like loving?

Does she like Chagall? Who remembers Marc Chagall?

"I can go from girly-girl to nature girl -- and I own all the appropriate outfilts to fit any occasion." (She's got the right clothes! no less she's got clothes clothes )

______________________ O th e nature of to go from to go to nature
to girly girly!

"I love life and those in it. (She Loves those in it! well, its good she likes those in it,
and not Out of it~ eh?

"Life is great (Life is great so they say, so let s see Mister Shakespeare, Is life great?
or is it a walking fool?)

" but could be alot more with the right man."
(but but but!)
(O the butts and butts
and cigarette butts
yummy butts~)

She want kiss an kiss
her kiss lipping kiss her throat
breast belly button and
for the Right

Kissing Missing Man


O but life's not so great
after all
after all
without the RIGHT MAN
the Right Man
the Man who's right
who's righthanded not left?
is she of the left this lady
lOOkIng fr her Right Man

Her right hand man
who's her right man her right righteous man

~ O Look
at Chagall
how they Tilt upward
& Earth
its posture posture of desire not