the dream rain

__________________________Did you live in rain?

____________________________________I did I did

|O and did you dream the rainy day in this side ? the planet side? rainrain|

(Oyes I did I did teacher I did rain the raindream planet)

it came sideways to its rain sideways to its rain
was that rainy spiritual rain sliding ? climbing? _________ did it become skating rinks to speeding rinks? september?

_______________________her rain was a plum

that rain a peach fell to sky

...a rainy day on this side of the city.... ~

(but the teacher wanted
to sleep to sleep
with her studentpoet
shewanted to sleep sleep)

______________________________________________ did the rain in july
________________________________cavort over the sun
_____________________________________it did it did heel

pumping high

O that

The small rain down canst rain

the old song

the old mystery
rain ____________


She took off her clothes her clothes and she
was very disappointed because there
was nothing there nothing her
at all ~

at all